Pillow humping and jerk off denial with Natalia Starr  |  (Random)

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Pillow humping and jerk off denial with Natalia Starr

Right from the start, Natalia makes it clear that she will not have sex with you. She will, however, hump a pillow and let you watch, but you cannot touch yourself. Natalia is a sexy blond and as she grinds on her pillow, she reminds you that you would never be able to get a girl like her. Do you know how good it feels to rub on that pillow? Does it make you horny watching her? Oh, poor boy. She gets comfortable by removing her bra and she reminds you that you are not to be touching yourself. Then she slides off her tight shorts and you see her perfect ass. Natalia turns around so you can watch her ass gyrate on that pillow as you picture her riding your cock. You are surprised to see how turned on she is just from riding that pillow. Her titties bounce with each thrust. "You can't have this," she whispers to you, again reminding you that you will never be able to touch of fuck her. She is ready to make herself cum while riding her pillow, but she again reminds you not to touch yourself. Even if you cannot touch yourself now, you will jerk off to her as soon as she leaves, so you win either way!

Date Added: 05/08/2022
Starring: Natalia Starr
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 9 mins

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