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Abby Cross the pillow humper

Cute Abby has an affinity for her pillow that is very strong. It is so strong that she is going to hump it while you jack yourself off. Her pillow is fuzzy and white. She lies on her back and rubs the pillow between her legs. She reminds you to keep stroking your cock as she slides off her bra. Abby goes back to grinding on her pillow. The way her ass moves up and down and in circles turns you on so much. Next she mounts her pillow so that you can see her soft tits. She slides off her thong and begins to bounce on the pillow she loves so much. That pillow surely carries the scent of her wet pussy. It must be wet by now. Again she gets on top of her pillow and rides it like a champ. Abby seems to have a genuine affinity for her pillow and you wish she would feel like that for you. For now, though, you happily jack off watching pretty Abby molest her pillow. Abby is ready for you to cum and she takes your load as she snuggles up with her pillow between her legs.

Date Added: 06/24/2024
Starring: Abby Cross
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 6 mins

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