Pillow humping every which way with Kelly Klass  |  (Random)

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Pillow humping every which way with Kelly Klass

Are you ready to watch a sexy girl hump her pillow? Okay, then. Get your dick out and see all the ways that Kelly Klass works up her pussy with a soft and fluffy pillow. She says she will do it nice and slow. Kelly turns around so that you can watch her ass bounce on that pillow. You like her black lingerie, but you wish she would remove it. As if she was reading your mind, Kelly stops humping and takes off her sexy bra. Her tiny tits bounce almost imperceptibly, but they are the perfect size for you. When she turns around, she quickly removes her black panties. Now completely nude, you can watch her pleasure herself with that pillow. She assumes the spooning position and shoves her pillow between her legs as she shakes and moans. She has many ways of humping her pillow, and you cannot decide which you prefer. You notice her flappy pussy lips, though, and wonder how it would feel having those flaps move up and down your dick. She bounces up and down on the pillow as if she were riding your cock. You are excited when she cums on that pillow and you are now ready to cum as well. Kelly encourages you to stroke your dick hard till you cum just for her.

Date Added: 02/03/2024
Starring: Kelly Klass
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 7 mins

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